Accept any kind of crypto payment.

8Pay is the only crypto payment processor that lets you access single, recurring and on demand payments from a wide range of tokens

Available tokens











At present 8Pay supports a wide range of BEP-20 Tokens but is extending to Matic, Solana and other chains very soon. Integration of different chains is also planned to widen the coverage of tokens supported by the platform

Billing models




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Q3 2020
User Experience
  • Web app design

  • Merchant integration plan

  • Business plan development

  • Deals with potential partners

Q4 2020
Partnerships & Advisors
  • Deals with potential partners from traditional and crypto markets

  • Community building

Q1 2021
Testnet Release BSC
  • One-time

  • Fixed-recurring

  • API

  • Javascript SDK

Q2 2021
Mainnet Release BSC
  • Governance

  • Audit

  • Variable-recurring

  • On-demand

  • API

  • Javascript SDK

Q3 2021
Platform updates
  • Merchants integration

  • Users feedback analisys

  • Platform integration analisys

  • Update UI/UX

  • Contact list

Q4 2021
Mobile App planning
  • Mobile app design

  • Start of mobile app development

Q1 2022
Mobile App launch
  • Mobile app beta

  • Scheduled payments beta

  • Offline payment requests

Q2 2022
Platform updates
  • Mobile app stable

  • Scheduled payments stable

  • Split payments with requests


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