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DEFI platform for automatic trustless crypto payments

Enjoy single, recurring and on-demand payments at the push of a button. Multi chain based with an initial focus on BSC

Live on BSC Testnet



Web App

Enjoy quick and easy access to all the tools you need. Keep track of your balance, manage payments and adjust your settings using the 8Pay web application.


Mobile App

(coming soon)

The 8Pay app at your fingertips. With the same functionality as the desktop application, the 8Pay mobile app makes it easy to manage your coins and adjust payment settings on the go.



Q3 2020

User Experience

  • Web app design

  • Merchant integration plan

  • Business plan development

  • Deals with potential partners

Q4 2020

Partnerships & Advisors

  • Deals with potential partners from traditional and crypto markets

  • Community building

Q1 2021

Testnet Release BSC

  • One-time

  • Fixed-recurring

  • API

  • Javascript SDK

Q2 2021

Mainnet Release BSC

  • Governance

  • Audit

  • Variable-recurring

  • On-demand

  • API

  • Javascript SDK

Q3 2021

Platform updates

  • Merchants integration

  • Users feedback analysis

  • Platform integration analysis

  • Update UI/UX

  • Contact list

Q4 2021

Mobile App planning

  • Mobile app design

  • Start of mobile app development

Q1 2022

Mobile App launch

  • Mobile app beta

  • Scheduled payments beta

  • Offline payment requests

Q2 2022

Platform updates

  • Mobile app stable

  • Scheduled payments stable

  • Split payments with requests


Features - The 8Pay solution

8Pay introduces effortless crypto payments, opening up a world of possibilities. 8Pay supercharges your cryptocurrency, transforming it into a payment solution for every occasion.


Single payments:

Send a one-time payment to a friend, online store or vendor



Subscribe to enable automatic payments to your favorite services


On demand payments:

Allow trusted accounts to directly charge your own wallet


Our Benefits

8Pay’s intelligent smart contracts architecture makes your cryptocurrency wallet work just like a regular bank account. Enable subscription-based payments in just a few clicks through the 8Pay app and we'll take care of the rest.

Online payments

Use BNB and several BEP-20 tokens and stablecoins you love to pay for goods and services.

Real decentralization

No email or personal data is required. 8Pay lets you call the shots without asking for your personal details or private keys.

Wallet to wallet

Never have to deposit currency. Just send and receive tokens directly from and to your wallet.


Based on the trustless Binance Smart Chain. Manage your wallet. Set spending limits. Your funds, your rules.

Easy integration

Create and manage payments through our App, embed buttons and share links with ease or connect via API or 8Pay's JavaScript library for advanced merchant features.

Stake and earn (coming soon)

The 8Pay protocol collects a 1% fee. Lock 8PAY tokens to receive a share of fees from the entire 8Pay network.

Meet the founders

Benedetto Salanitro
Benedetto Salanitro
Co-Founder & CEO

Alessandro Bellardita
Alessandro Bellardita
Co-Founder & CMO

Mattia Russo
Mattia Russo
Co-Founder & CTO